Find Peace

Maintain Balance

Cultivate Love

“We believe in cultivating relationships to create harmony and balance to your emotional well-being. Together we will support and encourage your journey to balance your life and your relationships.”

Individuals & Couples

Connecting with someone who cares and understands you is important to building a trusting counseling relationship.  By using compassion and empathy, we support individuals in reaching their full potential.  We also support couples in enhancing communication and promoting healthy interactions.  Together, we can create positive change to allow you or your relationship to thrive.

Personal Development

We are passionate about helping people develop and learn through their struggles.  We believe that unconditional love and support helps people to see where they fit in the world.  Our counselors are excited to help you on your journey to grow. 


The transition from addiction treatment into healthy living can be difficult.  We believe in continued therapeutic work to build on the skills gained in treatment.   Our addiction counselors will support you as you shift into real world scenarios and stressors. 


  • True Leaders are Rare

    We might excuse managers, executives or bosses who treat us unkind because of their power position.  When your directors are insensitive or cruel, this is a difficult spot to be in.  Innovative work environments establish a collaborative team, managers included.  But how do you know if you are working for a […]

  • Synthetic Social Engagement

    We often walk around in a fog. A fog that is accompanied by hand-held consumer items such as Starbucks coffee and smart phones. A fog that exists because it is easy and convenient.  It comes to us with ease but it carries a heavy price.  We feel connected but we aren’t.   It’s only synthetic […]

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